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Hello, and welcome to scrivenshafts! You've just stumbled upon the LiveJournal community of us Hogwarts students. You're welcome to stay and read along as we continue updating about our lives. Incidentally, if there are any Hogwarts students out there reading this, please feel free to join us!

Over the holidays I received a new laptop from my mother and father. I used this to connect to the Internet, where I found LiveJournal.com and thought to create a journal of my own. As I discovered the concept of a "friends list" I realized what a good idea it might be for all us Hogwarts students to create LiveJournals and perhaps be able to get to know each other better.

I wrote to Professor Dumbledore about my idea, and happily enough, he thought it was a good one. With his and Professor Muffin Sangria's (Muggle Studies) help, computers have been installed in Hogwarts Castle. I hope each and every one of you creates a LiveJournal and joins in on the fun!

Hermione Granger (ratherclever)
Gryffindor prefect